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For many Canadians, their weekly routine means spending their nine-to-fives sitting in front of their computers, followed by kicking back and unwinding later on in front of a different screen (while holding a smaller screen).

Whether it involves reaching for a phone to text pals, browsing the internet or turning on the TV for a Netflix binge, downtime for many Canadians involves sitting pretty still.

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If you like having a little extra sparkle of luxury in your life, it might be time to upgrade your picnic game.

You can sail around the Toronto Islands on a private sailboat picnic or lay under a lace canopy in your favourite city park. Either way, grandma's homemade pie and knitted blanket have nothing on these luxury picnic setups in Toronto.

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One of the best parts of the holiday season is seeing all the twinkling lights that decorate the city. But let's face it — it can get pretty cold going for a walk around the neighbourhood to admire all the holiday decor. So instead of freezing, you can stay toasty in your car and drive down a 2.5-km road of lights at Winter Wonderland in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

This holiday season, you can enjoy Canad Inns Winter Wonderland, which is said to be Manitoba's largest drive-thru light show. Driving down this road of lights is the perfect way to get you in the holiday spirit. Winter Wonderland will be open from November 29, 2019 to January 4, 2020, at 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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From shimmering coastal beaches to crystal clear springs, and dense tropical forests, the beauty of Florida is everywhere. If you're looking for another way to explore it all, we think we may have just found your next escape. Like Tarzan and Jane, you can zip through the jungle at The Canyons Zip Line Adventure Park.

What was once a limestone mine was transformed into this Ocala gem, a diverse adventure among the trees. From crafted canyons & cliffs to dense tropical environments and even lake views their 9 different zip lines take you on a serious jungle escape above the treetops. You can even see the kayakers as you soar over the water.

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