If you need a daily dose of cuteness, Ontario Provincial Police is here to help.

The OPP East Region Twitter account tweeted out some photos after they helped to rescue an injured owl, and we've never been so jealous of a bird before.

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Remember the tiny owl that was rescued from the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in November? Well, she’s famous now. 

Rocky, the female saw-whet owl, gained such celebrity status that she’s going to be featured on the tail of a Frontier Airlines plane.

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Now that’s a happy ending! The teeny-tiny Rockefeller Christmas tree owl is on the mend and will be returning to life in the wild very soon.

In a Facebook post on November 21, the wildlife organization caring for New York’s tiniest celebrity shared an update about his well being.

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Just when you thought the Rockefeller tree owl story couldn’t get any better, Serge Ibaka's name has popped up!

After a teeny-tiny owl was found inside New York City’s iconic Rockefeller center Christmas tree, pictures of the little creature spread far and wide across the internet.

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What a festive surprise! New York City’s Rockefeller Christmas tree had a teeny-tiny visitor this year — and he almost didn’t make it to the holiday.

In a Facebook post shared on November 18, Ravensbeard Wildlife Centre in New York state explained that a “secret” had been discovered inside the city’s famous festive tree.

According to the animal organization, somebody who worked for the company transporting the iconic Rockefeller tree had discovered a “baby owl” inside of it. Eek!

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