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Vancouver is home to so many amazing restaurants and some of them also have great happy hour menus that include delicious oysters.

From fresh-shucked to fried, there's a little bit of everything out there for lovers of the delicacy that also luckily won't hurt your wallet.

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Health Canada has recently issued a slew of recalls on a variety of grocery products, including Kinder chocolates, so you should definitely double-check to make sure you don't own any of the food items on this list.

Canadians are advised to stop using these seven products and to either safely dispose of them, return them to the place where they were purchased or contact the company for a refund.

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Are you on a seafood diet, where you eat all the food you see? Well, don't worry, dining out doesn't need to be expensive. We know where you can slurp down delicious oysters for super cheap. Here are five 'buck a shuck' places in Vancouver that mermaids would totally love.

When it comes to oysters, there is no middle ground. You either love the alleged aphrodisiac or can't stand the texture. 

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If you love seafood, then you're most likely an oyster lover. They're always fresh, fun to eat and have such a unique taste that you can't satisfy that craving anywhere else.

Ottawa has such great and underrated seafood restaurants, and so many of them have unreal oysters. They range in price, but just because they're a dollar a piece at one restaurant and 3 dollars at another truly doesn't matter. No matter how they're prepared, they're every seafood lovers dream food. So here are 10 best places to get oysters in Ottawa!

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Vancouver has got some of the best grub from all over the world. Living in such a diverse community, we have easy access to the tastiest cuisines from distant lands, but that's not always so cheap. When you are dead set on filling your tummy with the finest foods, but can't afford fancy meals out on the town, there are still some wonderful options if you know where to go.

Food is one of the joys in life so there is no need to compromise when your wallet is running a little thin. All of these places have delicious menu selections for under $10 without sacrificing any of the quality or flavour.

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