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Forget about making weekend plans for next month because Netflix Canada has you covered with more content than you could probably watch.

Netflix Canada is dropping so many new shows and movies in April 2022, from reality tv to comedy specials and fresh new seasons of your favourite shows, so get ready to put on your comfiest tracksuit and grab the popcorn.

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Stop wasting time searching for something to watch. You haven't truly Netflixed unless you've watched these series on Netflix Canada.

On our list is a diverse range of genres, everything from fantasy shows overflowing with magic to dramas that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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What some may not know, is that many of your favorite flicks and shows have been filmed right in The Peach State. Between beautiful nature views and small-town charm, there are plenty of natural backdrops that just needed to be taken advantage of on the big screen. You can actually visit these 12 famous filming locations in Georgia and live life like your fave characters for a day.

Starting in Atlanta and heading down to Savannah, there have been a plethora of shows and movies that feature The Peach State.

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Netflix. J'ai complètement oublié ce dont avait l'air ma vie avant que je ne m'abonne à Netflix. Depuis quelques mois, c'est fou tout le temps que je passe à écouter des séries. Mais je ne le regrette pas, j'ai découvert tout pleins de séries, (presque) toutes aussi bonnes les unes que les autres.

Récemment, c'est Riverdale que j'ai terminé... Et j'ai pas tant aimé. 

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