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A woman and her dog are lucky to be home safe after their weekend nature expedition turned into a rescue mission.

According to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), members of its Huronia West Detachment, along with the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre, helped rescue a stranded paddleboarder and her canine from the Nottawasaga River.

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Avant de partir, consulte notre Guide du voyageur responsable afin de rester informé.e, en sécurité, avisé.e et, surtout, respectueux.euse lors de ton aventure

Maintenant que l'été s'est officiellement installé au Québec, la meilleure manière d'en profiter est certainement d'enfiler tes souliers de randonnée et de sortir t'aventurer.

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Naviguer en paddleboard sur les eaux du Québec est de plus en plus populaire, mais, comme toute bonne chose, des règles doivent être suivies. Si certaines d'entre elles ne le sont pas, une amende de quelques centaines de dollars pourrait t'être remise et il faut avouer que ça gâche une semaine de vacances.

Sois rassuré.e, tu ne mangeras pas un ticket parce que tu ne sais pas tenir sur ta planche à pagaie et que tu tombes sans cesse à l'eau. Par contre, il pourrait y avoir un lien.

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Mike Shoreman was taken by surprise when he learned that Some Good News — an Instagram account based on a web series started by The Office star John Krasinski — had featured his story.

But Shoreman is almost used to going viral now, because people consistently share his inspiring speeches and posts about how the Torontonian re-learned to walk and paddleboard after contracting a rare disorder and completely losing his sense of balance.

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While you wouldn't necessarily expect to find rock formations in Michigan some are hidden in the most beautiful of places. Turnip Rock proves that The Mitt has some of the best of nature's irregularities to offer. If you feel like you need a change of scenery, this beautiful sight is only three hours north of Detroit & will make you feel like you're on the floating mountains of Pandora from Disney's 'Avatar'. 

This gravity-defying rock tower offers some of the most enchanting sights in the entirety of The Mitt. The best part? It's free to visit & is the perfect spot for a summer road trip.

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