Despite its reputation as Canada's most expensive city, having a fantastic time in Toronto doesn't have to break the bank.

Whether you're keen to indulge in delicious street food, immerse yourself in local art or simply soak up the lively city atmosphere, there are plenty of money-savvy ways to experience the best of the 6ix and its vibrant neighbourhoods.

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I think Parkdale is underrated. Sure, it doesn't have the glamour of downtown or an overarching theme like Danforth, but I think its lack of bells and whistles is part of what makes it special.

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Lovers of The Officeand residents of Toronto may want to do a little happy dance because CTV is rolling out a new workplace sitcom that might fill the hole in your heart that Michael Scott and Jim Halpert left in 2013.

From the legendary Kim's Convenience to Workin' Moms, Toronto is no stranger to sitcoms. Nevertheless, it looks like the 6ix is about to add another hilarious show to the lineup with Shelved.

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A number of residents in Parkdale have been voluntarily withholding their rent payments in order to put pressure on their landlord and secure key housing demands for their less fortunate neighbours.

In a press release tweeted out on Tuesday, the Toronto tenants in question say they'll pay their rent if the building's landlord can assure them that there won't be any evictions for people who can't afford to pay their rent due to the pandemic.

They're also demanding a meeting with the owner of the building, MetCap CEO Brent Merrill, to discuss their proposal.

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Toronto resident Oliver O'Brien truly believes in the good work that the Parkdale food bank does, and he's putting his stomach on the line to prove it.

O'Brien is partnering with the Parkdale Community Food Bank to raise $10,000 and support an essential service through the pandemic.

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