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If you're wondering how to date during the pandemic, spark passion in your relationship, or simply want some good advice about your love life, look no further.

We reached out to you, our readers, on Instagram and asked for your unfiltered questions about love. 

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There's no denying that the last year has provided its share of challenges in all aspects of our lives—perhaps, even in the bedroom.

Narcity spoke with Toronto-based sexologist, author, and TV personality Dr. Jess, who said that not only is this a normal problem to have, but it's also very possible to overcome.

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If you're on the hunt for creative Valentine's Day ideas that are safe and fun during the pandemic, you're not alone.

To keep things interesting, AirConsole has just dropped a spicy quiz game for couples to play together or through video chat to play from afar. 

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Aww, Barack! Michelle Obama’s birthday is on January 17 and her husband just posted the cutest message in honour of the occasion.

In a tweet on his wife’s 57th birthday, the former U.S. president shared an amazing old photo of a younger Michelle.

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Getting down to business is complicated in the era of social distancing, and Toronto Public Health knows that.

The City has released its COVID-19 sex advice, which includes ideas about how to flatten the curve in the bedroom.

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