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Sanna Marin might be the prime minister of Finland, but she's also a 36-year-old woman with a social life — and critics are absolutely blasting her for having a bit of fun in her off time.

Marin was forced to answer a bunch of questions about partying on Thursday after a video surfaced, showing her dancing and having fun with friends at a recent soirée.

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If you're thinking of booking a place in Toronto for a spooky party this Halloween, Airbnb's recent announcement may put a damper on your plans.

On August 17, Airbnb announced that customers without a history of positive reviews won't be able to book one-night reservations on All Hallows' Eve.

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One city in Ontario has a plan for the Homecoming season. Waterloo has put a public nuisance noise bylaw into effect this weekend to stop student partying. Waterloo party fines will cost attendees $880, while organizers could get ticketed a minimum of $10,000. 

The City of Waterloo announced on its website that the noise bylaw will be in place from September 25 to 27. 

The move is being made to discourage large gatherings during a season that's traditionally full of socializing and meeting others. 

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Port Coquitlam is definitely one of a kind. It's the city we hate to say we're from but tbh, we all have amazing memories of growing up in this small suburban city.

If you grew up in PoCo then you know there's 1. A lot of drinking involved 2. We have a ton of town spirit. It's the town we all love to hate. This quirky little city is known for our legendary house parties and our famous hometown serial killer, Willie Pickton.

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Welcome to Ryerson! So happy you chose the best school on earth. You're guaranteed to have a blast the next few years at our amazing school. Between all the lectures, homework, all nighters and school games make sure you take the time to get to know the city!

For those who are new to the city and want to explore or just get a sense of where the coolest places to eat, party and chill at in the city - you've come to the right place. 

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