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How do we take our coffee here at Narcity? Milk? Sugar? How about seriously. Very seriously. When you get past the imminent need for caffeine, you actually realize the delicate art behind coffee. Once you begin to look past the double doubles and pumpkin spice lattes (which totally don't count as real coffee), you get to experience the taste and process behind it. 

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What's better than a yummy donut? A donut that's yummy AND so very beautiful. A great dessert should be delicious and visually stunning and an easy way to attract your guests to your spread at your next party is by choosing a colourful dessert.  Jyoti Nanra plays with different colours and metallics with her breathtaking donuts from @thepurplecake_. Donuts can be fancy too! These little guys definitely prove that point. With beautiful pastel and bright icing, unique sprinkles and metallic details, these donuts are just too pretty to eat.

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You've tried wining and dining but it's time to pull out the big guns — chocolate. Yes that's right, cookies, cupcakes, cheesecakes and more! Win them over one chocolate truffle at a time. You can bet taking your hot date to a bakery or dessert shop is always a good idea. Who can resist a freshly baked blueberry cheese danish or caramel apple anyway?

So have a look at these fabulous bakeries and cafes. Indulge in some of the best desserts in town. Forget about counting those pesky carbs and settle your sweet tooth craving once and for all!

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