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An Ontario doctor is sounding the alarm on the situation inside Toronto ICUs right now, claiming that the province is "in trouble."

Dr. Alex Patel, an ICU doctor practicing at William Osler Health System, shared his experience in Toronto ICUs during the third wave with Narcity as well as social media.

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As a millennial, chances are you've probably thought (or dreamed) about buying your first home. 

However, with high prices and demand, figuring out exactly where the heck to start as a first-time home buyer in Ontario can be daunting. 

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A class-action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of seven people that were injured or killed by the Jasper Icefield bus crash in July. The suit claims the company and driver were reckless and didn't ensure passenger safety, according to a press conference on Wednesday, September 30.

Sweta Patel, 27, and her husband Suraj, 31, both survived the deadly crash but have been left with serious injuries. They are two of the seven people who have filed the lawsuit.

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