Fun fact: October is actually BC Wine Harvest month — aka, the perfect excuse to check out one (or more!) of BC's nine wine regions. 

Yup, that's right. With more than 280 wineries spread across the landscape, Canada's most beautiful province is also one of the country's most premium wine producers. 

Since there's something unique about every part of BC, it's totally understandable if you need a little help learning about each distinct region and narrowing down your options. That's why this handy guide covers what makes each region unique, complete with places to eat and stay, fun things to do, and — of course — some of the top BC wineries to visit!

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Vancouver is one of Canada's greatest cities for dining - mainly because we have everything. Anything you can think of, Vancouver has it in spades. Just walking downtown means immersing yourself in a food selection that you honestly have a hard time making decisions with. 

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Of all the islands that make up beautiful British Columbia, there are a few that stand out as exceptional vacation destinations. Obviously I'm not talking about Vancouver Island. Not to say it isn't an absolutely gorgeous place, but this list will be looking at some of the smaller islands that you can resign to for a few days of rest and relaxation.

So kick back this summer with a beer in your hand and find your own little piece of paradise right here in our phenomenal province:

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