A server on TikTok weighed on the question of how low is too low for a tip and according to her, a penny is more insulting than nothing at all.

TikToker, server and comedian Ashley Gaffey made a video about her experience with chasing down and confronting guests over a 1-cent tip, and it generated plenty of angry reactions and nearly 400,000 views before it was taken down.

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If you were a fan of getting rid of Canada getting rid of the penny, you might have some thoughts about the nickel.

In a study posted on June 7, found that two in five Canadians are in favour of getting rid of the five-cent coin altogether.

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A Northern Ontario mink named Sneaky Pete is now an internet sensation after befriending a family in their ice fishing hut.

Sneaky Pete has been joining couple Greg and Penny Mercer on their ice fishing dates in Red Lake for the past few weeks.

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