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Cooking can be fun, but it can also feel daunting when you don't know what to make next. You have all of these ingredients, but you're unsure of what to do with them.

Similar to writer's block, you might be experiencing a cooking block. No worries though, you just need to get those creative juices flowing!

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During the peak of winter, there's one thing we can rely on to get through the cold: hearty, warm and delicious food. If you're looking for new additions to spice up your recipe rotation, former Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K Subban has shared his current favourite creations: Sizzling Beyond Sausage & Peppers and Game Day Beyond Beef Tacos

Not only do these recipes boast tons of flavour and great texture, but they're also incredibly straightforward and fast to make — like, done-in-15-minutes quick. Each dish includes either Beyond Sausage or Beyond Beef, making both of them more nutritious options compared to standard comfort food. 

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It may be the middle of winter, but one Ontario man is creating some major heat.

London resident Mike Jack set a chili eating Guinness World Record by gobbling down three of the hottest chili peppers on Earth in under 10 seconds.

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