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We all know B.C. is obsessed with Dr. Bonnie Henry, but this is next-level. 

Several photos have emerged online showing a Halloween display in Mill Bay B.C. that includes a skeleton version of the top doctor along with some other front-line heroes.

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If you're going to ask any true Ottawan where the best place to take photos is in Ottawa, they'll almost certainly tell you on the Gatineau side of the river. Away from the urban high-rises and the parliament buildings, you'll find a quieter, nostalgic and more rural lifestyle dwelling in vast green spaces.

There's plenty of spots to take pics in the city, from new and upcoming trendy restaurants to beautiful parks. But, if you're seeking nature or just some more off-the-grid pics, here's a list of 19 spots in Gatineau to take some photos for Insta:

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