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We all love a good Instagram account. We spend countless hours on our phones all the time, so you might as well keep your feed popping and follow some cool accounts. Toronto is aesthetic AF, and offers some seriously cool Instagram opportunities

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Sometimes it may seem tricky finding an Instagram worthy photo in Ottawa, but if you look hard enough you'll find so many different opportunities. From cute AF lattes to amazing sunset views Ottawa is crawling with Instas.

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Face it, ladies, sometimes our men aren't exactly one with the camera as we are. Sometimes having the perfect backdrop makes things a little easier. But it isn't always so simple to find the right location. 

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There is never a shortage of talent in Toronto. Everything from music, dance, sports, acting, etc. And the same goes for photography. Toronto culture inspires creative minds to take their work to the next level! 

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Local businesses are the best businesses. Learning about how they started out here in Ottawa and how they plan on expanding as a business is always interesting. Many businesses in Ottawa know the major key alert when it comes to their Instagram accounts. Having a lit Instagram account is so important to any local business because that's where people see you the most before heading to your shop.

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