Fall is officially here, and that means that there will be plenty of different pumpkin spice lattes to choose from. Starbucks, Tim Hortons, and almost any other place that serves coffee has its own version. So what can you do when you've burnt out on the ubiquitous autumn beverage? 

Luckily, Canada has plenty to offer in the way of pumpkin flavoured treats that are not the PSL.

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Here we go again! There's another salmonella outbreak in Canada but this time it's because of dog treats.

The Public Health Agency of Canada has announced an outbreak of salmonella infections happening in B.C.Alberta, and Yukon.

It turns out that people are getting sick because of exposure to pig ear dog treats that are likely the source of this outbreak.

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It's tough trying to adult. Whether you're still struggling through university or in the middle of the work week, we get it. We also get that between that $200 dollar textbook or your last payment for car insurance, you're not exactly rolling in cash. We get that too. What we at Narcity here get most though, is that you gotta work hard and play hard to get through the week. 

Maybe that means you're looking to get absolutely sh*t-faced on a Monday evening. Maybe it means that you need a slight buzz to get you over the Wednesday hump. No judgement on our end. So from us to you, and for all the broke-ass students and workers, here are some killer drink specials to get you through the week. 

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