That moment when you realize you've done almost every activity in the city. Over the course of a few years you and your partner sat through your fair share of "good" movies, ate at every restaurant imaginable and hiked every inch of the East Coast Trail. It seems as if you have done it all — the only thing left is to watch Netflix and wait for new episodes of Grace and Frankie, right? Wrong!

There is still tons of fun to be had! You don't need to watch boring chick flicks or eat the same plate of food every weekend. Why not spice up your lives by doing some of these super fun activities? Going out and making memories is way better than a $50 meal any day.

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Broke from the Holidays? Caught a case of the Winter blues? Scrounging up some money to see a flick? It's that time of year where you're counting your pennies — well nickels now. Every pay cheque seems to go to your heavy credit card. You still want to live the Holiday dream, but you're broke AF.

Luckily, St. John's has several events going on that won't cost you a thing this winter! From January to March we've listed a bunch of free events happening all over Newfoundland! Festivals, special events and day to day activities you'll love. Save your money for a trip to a sandy beach during Spring break!

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That moment when you wake up from a Christmas turkey coma. You've stuffed your face with Lindor chocolate, nan's snowballs and egg nog. You've become a professional couch potato. But it's time to burn off that pack of Toffifee and get back into the swing of things.

Bundle up in those new mitts and thermal skivvies, it's time to hit the trails! St. John's has an array of trails to check out this winter.

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