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We know that it's only October, but come on, it's never too early to be thinking about Christmas, is it?

The holidays are all about tradition - whether it be decorating your Christmas tree, carolling around your neighbourhood, or even baking cookies for Santa (for all those who are kids at heart).

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You're Friday night probably goes something like this: you get off work, run home and get ready quickly, make the trek out to downtown Vancouver, party all night, then take the dreaded night bus home or have your DD suffer from exhaustion the whole way back.

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Greater Vancouver? The Lower Mainland? Metro Vancouver? Honestly, I'm not even sure where that is. Of course, it's easy to define when we're actually in the city (i.e. Downtown, the city of Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, etc.), but as soon as you go a little further out, things get blurry. Is Surrey a part of Greater Vancouver? Is Delta? Pitt Meadows? Langley? I have no idea.

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