This is Pitt Meadow's best kept secret. This secret spot in Pitt Meadows is to-die-for, and you're going to want to drag your whole crew out here this weekend. This swimming hole and waterfall is located out in Pitt Meadows near Pitt Lake. This is the perfect hidden spot to trek out to with your crew. Grab a couple kayaks or a big canoe and adventure out to the Widgeon Valley National Wildlife Park.

Start by driving over the Pitt River bridge,and quickly hang a left onto Old Dewdney Trunk Rd. Follow this until the road's end and turn left onto Harris Rd. Follow Harris until McNeil Rd and then hang a right. Turn left onto Rannie Rd and follow this until you reach Pitt Lake Canoe Adventures

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It's almost Thursday, which is basically Friday, which means it's prime time to plan out your dates for the weekend. Don't be that boring AF chick that takes their date for dinner and drinks. It's so overdone! Pitt Meadows is an awesome place to explore and vibe out your dating prospects. If you try out this guide, you will defs know whether or not he can ride with you (literally, check the list). 

Everyone is at fault for getting stuck in that routine where you go to the same restaurant every Friday and call it date night. Whether it's a bumble date or your BF of five years, it's still sobasic. If you're from Pitt Meadows then maybe this will be a cute AF guide to switching up your current dating routine, OR if you've never traveled over the Pitt River bridge, then this is a whole new city for you to explore! 

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The people of the Tri-Cities like to drink, lbh. No, we don't have Bar None, Blarney Stone or Celebs - but we do take pride in having a good time (all the way over) here in the suburbs. 

If you grew up in Coquitlam, PoCo, Port Moody or across the bridge in Pitt Meadows, then you've definitely drank at all of these bars at one time or another. It may not be as fancy as the bars downtown but we sure know how to make do with what we have down here. Whether it's happy hour at Earls, slamming back drinks at Brew Street or even riding the bull at Roosters, we've done it all. Well maybe not me, but you probably did. 

So, if you grew up in the Tri-Cities, then you have certainly had a shot or two at these cherished local spots.

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