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Texas has plenty of amazing places to spend the night but you will need to add this one to your bucket list. The Cell Block is a transformed prison cell where you can spend the night in Clifton, TX about an hour outside of Dallas. 

The cell was originally used to house people who got just a little too drunk in public or those who felt like their fists were stronger than their words. The cell was also used as an office for the night watchmen. Once they stopped using it to keep those who needed containment overnight, they transformed it into a very chic place for tourists to spend the night. 

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Ah, summer. Classes are finally over, the sun is finally out, and the temperature is just right for some fun in the sun.

Or, if you're super tired of the daily hustle and work grind, then it also happens to be the perfect time to take a vacation. 

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Sometimes staying in your average hotel can get repetitive. Don't get me wrong I love free mini soaps as much as the next person, but as that famous quote says... "Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary?"

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