places to visit in florida

Two Canadians visit Florida every year to shop and dine at different stores and restaurants in the U.S. that they don't have in their country, and it's their way to treat themselves.

They posted a video to TikTok in February, receiving 216K views, about the places they spend their time at, which included popular shops like Target, PacSun and Five Below.

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While the holidays might be over, tourist season is still in full swing. As a local to sunny South Florida, it's pretty clear who is from the area and who isn't.

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There are places to visit in Florida that are known for more than just their beach views. Some of them make you feel like you're in a completely different country without a passport even being required.

From the historic buildings in Spain to the shimmering coasts of the Caribbean Isles, these destinations actually exist in the Sunshine State.

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