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Get ready for a spectacular sight because the Jupiter Saturn conjunction that's happening right around Christmas is the closest the planets have been in our sky in almost 800 years.

Just after sunset on December 21, Jupiter and Saturn will appear close together in the night sky and actually look like a double planet.

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Are you always on the lookout for new and tasty gluten-free, plant-based meals? Maybe you're a flexitarian looking to incorporate more of these types of foods into your diet. No matter who you are or what your dietary preferences may be, the truth is that tons of us absolutely love pizza.

Whether you're someone who has better-for-you food options as a top priority, or you're just one of the many pizza fanatics out there, the fact that Oggi Foods now offers a mouthwatering vegan pizza available exclusively at Costco Canada could be the highlight of your day.

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Be sure to look up tonight, this is something you'll want to see. Mars in the sky tonight will be the closest it's been in two years and the brightest its been in October in more than 30 years.

Across the country, you can see the Red Planet glowing in the sky after sunset on October 6 and overnight but clouds could make it difficult to spot.

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