If you're looking to save money at the cinema, Cineplex is offering free movies and deals on concessions for one day only in November!

That's because the theatre chain's Community Day is coming back for another year at theatres across Canada.

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It's been announced that Playdium Park in Mississauga will be closing for good in November. 

The popular arcade and Go-Kart track has been open since 1996, but their doors will open for the last time on November 1 due to redevelopment in the area.

The space has a 40,000-square-foot indoor complex with arcade games, rides and attractions, and one of Canada's longest Go-Kart tracks on the outdoor part of the property.

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Living in Mississauga can be quite peaceful compared to the busy city life. But in 'Sauga, it isn't always a breeze to get by. 

As Mississauga natives we are constantly undermined with daily struggles like no other suburb surrounding Toronto. So here are a list of struggles we face on the regular just so that you know we are all on the same page. 

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Did you know Mississauga is the 6th largest municipality in Canada? Neither did I. But it goes to show this city just won't stop growing.

Anybody who lived here knows that there are actually a few things to do - if you have a car. If not, you better have a good playlist on your smart phone because you'll be waiting at the bus stop for a long time.

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