The NBA season starts soon and the Toronto Raptors won't be playing at home in Canada but rather in Tampa, Florida, because of COVID-19 restrictions.

One Twitter user decided that if the Raps were playing in Florida, we may as well see what they look like if they were put in a Disney film.

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A new set of social distancing guidelines was announced by Governor Gavin Newsom and the California Department of Public Health stating that you can have your small social gatherings (of up to three households gathering in an outdoor location while social distancing), but be mindful of...singing.

Singing, chanting, and other physical exertion greatly increases the risk of transmitting COVID-19 since your little spit droplets are more likely to fly through the air at your friends if you're all joyously singing together.

These are, of course, recommendations, and not rules (the government cannot legally arrest you for belting out show tunes on your friend's patio), and if you do choose to sing, the governor's office has some musical safety tips.

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As smoke from U.S. fires continues to affect the air quality in Canada, Jagmeet Singh is calling on Justin Trudeau to take action. Referencing the fires, he urged the PM to “stop playing politics with our planet’s future.” Singh also implored him to deliver on his promises to reduce emissions in Canada.

Just days ahead of Trudeau’s throne speech, the NDP leader has sent the prime minister a strong message.

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