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Following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah, new research has found that some Canadians’ attitudes towards the royal family have shifted.

A series of polls by Leger and the Association for Canadian Studies considered the impact of recent events on Canadians’ views on the British monarchy, including whether they sympathized most with Harry and Meghan or the Royal Family.

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A new poll suggests that lots of people ignored public health advice about COVID-19 in Ontario and visited people who lived outside of their homes in December.

In a poll conducted by Leger and the Canadian Press and published on January 4, 40% of the 600 Ontarians surveyed said they visited family members or friends over the holiday period, despite public health warnings and advisories.

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A travel brand asked its readers to rank American accents from "sexiest" to "least sexy," and the results are very specific.

Big 7 Travel's annual "Top 50 Sexiest Accents In The USA: 2020" ranks 50 different accents from all over the country — last year, their audience chose Southern accents to be the sexiest voice to hear talking at them, with Long Island coming in dead last.

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This week, it seems that everyone has their eyes on how the U.S. election is going to turn out, and yet an American poll worker has described looking elsewhere.

In a November 5 Twitter thread, Michigan University law student and poll challenger Julie Moroney gave an account of what she saw inside Detroit's TCF Centre as votes were being counted. 

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All eyes are on Texas this election day, including those of world-famous pop star Beyoncé.

The superstar took aim at Texans on Instagram just one day before the general election, telling them to "Come Thru."

The state, which has 38 electoral college votes up for grabs, is considered by some to be a swing state this year, after being historically red for the past 10 elections.

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