Texans are heading to the polls today, especially those in Houston, who seems to be taking all means of transportation to the ballot box.

Mayor of H-town, Sylvestor Turner, along with Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins was spotted riding to polls in classic Texas-style on horses and an old-timey carriage.

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For the Toronto by-election in 2020, people in both York Centre and Toronto Centre are heading to the polls but the deadline to vote by mail is fast approaching.

If you'll be away during advanced polls or on election day, which is on October 26, you can vote by mail or in person at an Election Canada office. You can also do this method if you don't feel safe going out to polling stations.

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It looks like Americans have a bit of Trudeau fever. According to a new poll by Ipsos for Global News, 40% to 33% of them voted in favour of the Canadian PM over his orange-tinged constituent, while 27% remained unsure.

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