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Like many of us, Seth Rogen is a huge fan of Borat, and quite possibly an even bigger fan of Borat 2 which will be released in Canada this week to Amazon Prime subscribers on October 23.*

The Superbad star took to Twitter to sing his praises, proudly admitting that he has seen the film six times so far with no sign of slowing down.

In his review, he noted that it has some of the most hilarious scenes that he has ever seen in any movie and coming from Seth, that speaks volumes!

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Two years ago, fan favourite Dr. Callie Torres bid her farewells to Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital as actress Sara Ramirez announced her departure from Grey's Anatomy after a 10-year run. Fans were crushed to hear that the witty surgeon would no longer be gracing their screens, but they still have hope that she will eventually make a glorious return.

The rumours can be put to rest for now, as executive producer Debbie Allen revealed to TV Line that "there are no plans at the moment" for Ramirez to come back for the show's 14th season. "We love her and we miss her, [but] there's been no discussion of it," she added.

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Being a celebrity, you have to assume there will always be gossip about you. Kylie Jenner stated in her new show Life of Kylie that she reads crazy and untrue stuff about herself every single day. Must be exhausting!

However, conspiracy theories are completely different than just regular gossip. I mean, celebrities die and one person thinks they see a lookalike on the street, and the conspiracy theory starts. A glitch in an interview suddenly makes someone a hologram. It's all super crazy, but we'd all be lying if we said we didn't believe some of it. 

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It looks like Rihanna and Drake may never become the power couple the world desperately wants them to beJust a few days ago, the ANTI singer was spotted getting cozy with a mysterious man in the pool of a private villa in Spain. Pictures of the two were leaked online, and fans were frenzied.

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