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Après l'annonce du port du masque obligatoire lors d'activités extérieures en zone rouge et orange, le gouvernement du Québec a apporté une modification à cette mesure ce mardi 13 avril. 

« Le port du masque ou du couvre-visage est désormais obligatoire dès que deux personnes qui n’habitent pas à la même adresse réalisent une activité ensemble à l’extérieur », a spécifié le ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux dans un courriel envoyé à Narcity. 

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Are you craving a vacation? There's no need to grab your passport — these tropical Ontario beaches feel like a trip to the Caribbean.

Only a short drive from your home, you can find breathtaking azure water and soft golden sand. You might be surprised to discover our home province has the longest freshwater beach as well as an outdoor oasis with palm trees.

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Are you dreaming about vacationing in Europe? If so, these Ontario road trips are perfect, as they will make you feel like you are in France without having to leave the country.

Even if you can't visit Paris's iconic landmarks or sip bubbly in Champagne, we have some affordable alternatives. 

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Not all of Ontario's private islands are far from civilization — some are just an hour and a half drive from Toronto.

Not only does this private island and cottage in Port Severn offer breathtaking views, but it takes less time to get there from the city than to London.

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The big city can be all-consuming, and with spring around the corner, it's the perfect time to escape for an afternoon.

There are a ton of day trips from Toronto that are under three hours away, meaning you can fit the whole adventure in one day. 

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