We all love a good slice of za, don't we? Pizza is probably my favourite food group, yes it qualifies as an entire food group in my books. But there's definitely a difference between a regular ol' American pizza and the quality pizza pies that taste like they came straight from Italy.

This pizzeria hidden in the suburbs will transport you back to that cozy brick-walled cafe in Rome that you visited in summer of 2012. That trip where you backpacked your way through Europe, and now you find yourself constantly craving the cheesy delectable pizzas of Tuscan Italy.

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If you fancy yourself a beer connoisseur and you haven't heard of Brewer's Row, then you're missing out on this hidden gem. This tiny street filled with craft breweries often goes unnoticed. Murray Street aka Brewer's Row is nestled in the heart of Port Moody, situated right across from Rocky Point Park!

All four breweries are relatively small in size, which makes the experience a lot more intimate. All of the breweries produce beer in-house and serve on tap! You can sip their craft beers while watching the brewmaster work in the back. Most of the breweries have an open floor concept so it's easy to watch the brewing process. If you're into brewing, you will totally nerd out over this!

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The people of the Tri-Cities like to drink, lbh. No, we don't have Bar None, Blarney Stone or Celebs - but we do take pride in having a good time (all the way over) here in the suburbs. 

If you grew up in Coquitlam, PoCo, Port Moody or across the bridge in Pitt Meadows, then you've definitely drank at all of these bars at one time or another. It may not be as fancy as the bars downtown but we sure know how to make do with what we have down here. Whether it's happy hour at Earls, slamming back drinks at Brew Street or even riding the bull at Roosters, we've done it all. Well maybe not me, but you probably did. 

So, if you grew up in the Tri-Cities, then you have certainly had a shot or two at these cherished local spots.

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