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If you've been dreaming of a bigger salary but dreading the job hunt, you might want to take a look at some of these high-paying Ontario jobs, some of which don't even require a university degree.

With salaries of $100K or more, these positions are perfect for anyone with the right experience, so it's time to fix up that resumé.

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There are so many Lululemon jobs available across Canada in positions including designers, managers and educators, along with others.

If you shop at Lululemon all the time and want to work there because you love the clothes, or you're just looking for a job right now, you can take a look at these positions and scroll through the career portal for more.

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À Montréal, le brunch, c'est presque sacré, et surtout après une soirée arrosée. Après plusieurs mois de restaurants fermés, les Montréalais s'ennuient de leurs matinées gourmandes bien accompagnées. On leur a donc demandé : quelle est la première place où vous irez bruncher quand tout va rouvrir dans la métropole?

Les lecteurs de Narcity nous ont partagé leurs coups de coeur, et voici le palmarès, en ordre des réponses les plus populaires, des incontournables à booker dès que Legault donnera le GO!

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You won't be stuck in a stuffy office all day with these positions. 

There are several outdoor jobs in Ontario that are currently hiring, and you can make up to $89,000 a year.

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A new report has highlighted the best companies to work for in Canada as a woman and plenty of them are hiring.

The Equileap "Gender Equality Global Report & Ranking" breaks down the world's best companies for women, and several Canadian companies cracked the list.

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