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Toronto might have higher case counts than anywhere else in the province, but the area with the highest COVID-19 positivity rate in Ontario is far outside of the city.

That unwanted honour belongs to the N6A postal code in London, which recorded an astonishing 28.97 percent positivity rate between March 28 and April 3.

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A non-profit research institute named ICES has broken down Ontario's test positivity rates by neighbourhood and highlighted which areas have been hit the hardest.

Dividing the province by the first three numbers of their postcode, ICES says nearly 50 neighbourhoods have test-positivity rates above 13.4% — the current U.S. average.

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As Ontario navigates its second wave of COVID-19, some areas of the province have been hit harder than others.

Two GTA neighbourhoods, in particular, are reporting significantly higher positivity rates than the provincial average of 3.9%. 

According to the ICES Ontario COVID-19 dashboard, which identifies communities by the first three letters of their postal codes, there are two GTA neighbourhoods that currently have a positivity rate of over 20%.

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Despite now having a higher test positivity rate than Toronto did when the city locked down on November 20, York Region is still in the red zone.

According to data posted by the Mayor of Aurora, Tom Mrakas, York now has a 6.29% positivity rate for the region.

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In one neighbourhood of Peel Region, COVID-19 positivity rates are apparently through the roof.

According to IC/ES, a not-for-profit research institute tracking COVID-19 data, a single area in Peel may have a positivity rate almost two times that of the United States' average.

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