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On April 20th. The unsuspecting Ryerson student walks towards the Ted Rogers building for their exam, only to pass by a humongous crowd at Dundas Square with a thick cloud of smoke above them. It smells strange to the student. What could it be? It could only be one thing.

It's 4/20, and if you're a pot smoker, this is probably better than Christmas for you. The annual 4/20 event is happening at Dundas Square today from noon until 6 P.M. The march with HASHMOB begins at 11 A.M. and leaves from Vapor Central to Dundas Square. A whole bunch of comedians, musicians, and DJs will be there to entertain you all day long. There will even be vendors there for you to buy stuff.

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Photo cred – Maurizio Pesce

Remember a few years back when everyone was tweeting their useless thoughts that no one cared about? Well, it seems that Snapchat's the new thing, as it's surpassed Twitter in popularity. Whether people Snapchat you things like poop or nudes (let's never use those words in the same sentence again), each of your friends is unique in their own Snapchats.

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