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Summer is almost here in Toronto and that calls for one thing (or multiple things depending on your tolerance): patio drinks! I mean beer is cool, but have you ever had sangria? It's a game changer for wine and cocktail lovers alike!

Whether you like it strong or a little more on the sweet side, sangria is the perfect summer drink. However, paying $50 for a pitcher of it isn't really your style. So here are Toronto's 10 best spots for cheap sangria. Please use responsibly.

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Photo cred - Miguel Soll

Being in your 20s is just generally awesome. You're still young, but nobody's telling you what to do anymore. What's better than that? Well, being a young'in in Toronto is even more swell, because Toronto is awesome and wants you to have fun.

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Photo cred - Alvin Woon

You have a busy life here in Toronto, but every once in a while, you step back and notice some weird little quirk this city has that you just can't wrap your head around. As time passes, they start to weigh on you more and more, until you can't tell up from down or right from wrong anymore. It's a problem.

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