prescribed burn

Did you pass by Toronto's High Park on Friday and think the park was on fire? Well, don't freak out, because it was planned and on purpose.

The City of Toronto tweeted on April 16 that they were "preparing for a #PrescribedBurn in #HighPark this spring 2022."

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High Park is home to some of Toronto's iconic cherry blossom trees, which people flock to during the spring months.

But soon, visitors will be in for a smoky surprise (and it won't be from someone's BBQ).

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The world is still reeling from the devastating fires that occurred in Australia, and the scent of smoke is still heavy in the air, especially in Florida. Right now, several Central Florida counties and public parks are burning. In the Orlando area, the thick haze that enveloped the city last week had citizens in a panic, but thankfully the reason behind the burns is not as bad you’d suspect.

Earlier this month, St. Sebastian River Preserve State Park saw hundreds of acres lit ablaze under controlled burns, which also served as a means of training for aspiring firefighters.

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