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Way back in March 2020, Justin Trudeau delivered the first of many COVID-19 press conferences in Canada. 

Around one year later, the prime minister continues to share updates about the ongoing pandemic from Ottawa.

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Travel restrictions may be keeping us at home right now, but that isn’t stopping Canadians from daydreaming about adventures and adding new destinations to our bucket lists.

Narcity has found out Canada's most wishlisted Airbnbs in every province and territory and it seems travellers are looking for different experiences depending on where in the country they’re staying.

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From one U.S. president to another! The friendship between Barack Obama and Joe Biden is still going strong and the former had a pretty sweet message for the new president-elect.

In a tweet on Biden’s Inauguration Day, the ex-leader shared a photo of the duo in the White House.

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With Joe Biden’s inauguration just one day away, the Trump family will be preparing to leave the White House.

These old photos of Melania Trump show what her life was like before becoming First Lady — and are possibly what it could be like after, too!

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Canada is a big country, which means there are all sorts of weird Canadian laws, bylaws and rules in effect in different regions.

In fact, so many cities, provinces and territories have their own set of totally random regulations that don’t necessarily apply elsewhere.

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