Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but if the beholder is a super talented photographer, then we all get to see the beauty too! These Winnipeg photographers make Manitoba look so cool you wouldn't even think it was just the same old place we see every single day.

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Millennials are currently killing it in the jobs game – especially when it comes to the tech industry. Never before has a generation grown up as plugged-in and hardwired as us, and because of it, we have an unbeatable set of skills that makes us very desirable to employers looking to up their technological game.

Not even a decade ago, something as common as touchscreen technology was pretty much kept solely in the realms of sci-fi movies, but now, along with thousands of other emerging technologies, they're vital to making our daily lives easier, faster, and better connected - and new advancements are taking place every day.

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Procrastination is a condition that plagues humans in all stages of life. These days, it is generally perceived as more of an impediment than a competency. Procrastinators are often typecast as overly distracted individuals with terrible self-control, poor time-management skills, shaky self-confidence, and substandard discomfort tolerances. Yet, what is often not considered about procrastinating is that it can serve as a powerful tool when it is executed responsibly.

While it’s perfectly normal to procrastinate from time to time, there still exists a special class of humans whose ability to procrastinate has ascended to seemingly unearthly levels. Unique individuals of this grouping are proficient at handling the extreme situations caused by their own excessive loafing. Essentially, they are masters at the art of procrastination, and are often students in high school or university.

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