Shave the date! If you’ve never been a fan of Auston Matthews' moustache then you’re in luck. The Leafs star has promised to shave his fuzzy upper lip, but only if it’s for a good cause.

“Some of you love it, most of you hate it. And now, the fate of my moustache is in your hands,” Matthews shared in a video on Instagram.

The player says he will commit to shaving so long as he can raise $134,000 for Movember by the end of the month.

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The NDP leader has sent yet another strong message to the prime minister. On Sunday, Jagmeet Singh blasted Trudeau for failing to plant any of the 2 billion trees that he promised to.

Tweeting on September 27, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh drew attention to a promise Justin Trudeau made one year ago.

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Its time for change. That's what Justin Trudeau promised when it comes to addressing inequality in our country. For months there have been discussions surrounding systemic racism in Canada, and it appears the government might be ready to address it in concrete ways. 

In a speech from the throne, the Liberal government promised Canadians they will take a second dive into addressing the issue.

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