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Cherry blossoms are in full bloom, the sun is shining, and the birds are chirping. It's finally the season during which couples all around the world are living their best summer romance stories and posting about them on social media.

Did you know that the 6ix is also a great place for those Toronto couples to get on one knee and pop the question?

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The Vancouver Canucks game on Saturday night got a little extra exciting when someone proposed to their girlfriend in front of the entire stadium full of people.

Luckily, she said yes, and the crowd went wild, but there was a bit of confusion at the beginning of the proposal though.

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A washed-up barge in Vancouver — dubbed the English Bay Barge — just got even more famous. Someone proposed right in front of it, getting the picture-perfect moment with the stuck barge in the background.

The proposal was on Christmas Day, making it that much cuter, and there was a super romantic meaning behind it.

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Michelle Hapco had a big surprise waiting for her after completing her 25 days of training to become an official TTC bus operator last Friday.

Her high school sweetheart Larry Hazan was waiting to propose to her as she pulled in her bus, with the help of their friends at the TTC.

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Love is in the air and COVID-19 vaccine clinics must be stocking up on it.

Grand River Hospital (GRH) posted a tweet on August 16 showcasing a surprise proposal between two workers at the Pinebush clinic.

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