provincial election 2022

The Ontario Liberal Party has promised to ban handguns in the province if elected in June and will work to get this done within its first year in office.

In an April 19 announcement, the party said it would accept the feds' offer to create a buy-back program and work with them to put an end to gun smuggling at Ontario-U.S. borders.

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Toronto city councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam announced in a statement on Friday that they will not be running for reelection for City Council in October 2022.

Wong-Tam represents Ward 13 and says she has decided "after a great deal of consideration and conversations" to put their name "forward to seek the NDP nomination to become the next Member of Provincial Parliament for Toronto Centre," in June's provincial election.

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Get ready to score your "I've voted" stickers because Ontario's next provincial election is coming up fast in just a few short months.

Soon, Ontarians far and wide will need to make their choice for who they want to become the next Premier of Ontario for the next four years.

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