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One of the fondest memories Canadians have of the late 90s is of the North American house hippo, a petite creature allegedly found "throughout Canada, and the eastern United States." It made its debut in a national PSA that aimed to educate viewers about critical thinking with regard to what they see in broadcast media. The message was simple - don't believe everything you see on television.

Though the attempt was admirable, the commercial may have backfired with younger viewers who started to think house hippos were actually existed. To this day, many of them remain to be loyal believers of the house hippo, and still cling to the hope that they'll one day run into one of them foraging for crumbs of peanut butter toast or nesting in a pile of lost mittens.

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I have a special place in my heart for the 90's. I'm sure most of you do as well. I think the success of that era comes from the fact that there was just the right amount of technology to keep us connected to each other, but not so much that it consumed our lives completely. It was truly a simpler time, and it's the perfect example of how less is truly more.

Even old 90's commercials tug at our heartstrings when we come across them nowadays. Who knew that commercials could make you feel some type of way? Here are 7 of those commercials to bring you back in time to the better days:

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