Most of us spend much our days surfing the Internet. It's nothing to be ashamed of the Internet is really freaking cool. From Facebook surfing to music and video-streaming, the uses for the world wide web are endless.

When we put it into perspective, the digital world has come a pretty long way. From dial-up internet (which required days to load a single webpage) to being able to stream a movie on Netflix in seconds with fast and reliable WiFi, we’ve come an insanely long way. Of course, these advancements were very necessary, seeing as the world has become incredibly reliant on the Internet.

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Since the digital age has taken over, the world is practically at our fingertips. Between all the uploading, downloading and sharing, social networking has essentially become a way of life. We practically depend on the Internet for our livelihood and because of this, we need it to be consistently fast and reliable.

Calgary is full of influencers and creators who rely on the Internet and social media to connect and share. From entrepreneurs to stylists and bloggers, these Calgarians have us feeling some serious career-envy. They've mastered the art of networking and are able to inspire, connect and share their hard work with thousands of people from Calgary and around the world! If that isn’t completely badass, I don’t know what is.

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