You can get lost in endless blooms at these Ontario flower places .

From gorgeous fields of purple to blossoming pink trees, the province transforms into a floral paradise every spring and summer.

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Talk about a literal hidden gem. Tucked away in northern Ontario is Diamond Willow Amethyst Mine , a glimmering purple mine that's totally worth the trip. You can hunt for your very own treasures and even take them home with you.

If you're looking for some road trip inspiration, this spot needs to be on your radar.

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Homecoming is on the near horizon and Western students are gearing up to get wild. HOCO, being the holy grail of Western holidays, changes every type of person into an extroverted party animal.

After years of observing and analyzing the purple people at HOCO, we've come to categorize them according to 9 stereotypes, give or take. Here are the kind of people you can expect to spot this Saturday:

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