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You can spend the holidays like Rory and Lorelai at this quaint town.

Unionville near Toronto will whisk you away to a real-life Stars Hollow for the Christmas season.

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Sometimes you need to get out of the city and into a completely different setting, and if you live in California, that’s a pretty easy thing to do. Just a couple hours outside of Los Angeles are quaint small towns that seem like they’re from the past, forests full of trees as far as your little eyes can see, and even a town that transports you to another country entirely (hello, Denmark, what the heck are you doing here in SoCal, hm?).

Take a break and enjoy the cool fall weather outside of the city — there’s a whole lot of small-town California out there for you to explore.

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I've met a fair share of people in my life who do not drink coffee.  These people are not psychopaths, but rather, men and women who love a good tea, bubble tea, or miscellaneous beverage

These coffee-free people might be on to something. Coffee, when paired with heavy creams and sweet, sweet sugars, isn't all that great for us. Not to mention that caffeine dependancy has us itching for our fix every morning. 

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