If you're sick of the view from your home office and ready for a change of scenery, these places were just ranked the best Ontario cities to work remotely .

Macleans ranked 415 Canadian cities and towns by measuring factors like affordability, taxes, amenities, internet access, weather, and taxes, and these Ontario spots dominated the list .

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The 2021 World Happiness Report has just been released and it details people's happiness levels around the globe.

While Canada ranked in the top 10 from 2017-2019, the new report has seen us fall to the 15th spot.

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It's safe to say that Canada has made quite the impression on the world stage for its seemingly never-ending top rankings.

From ranking among the saddest and most anxious in the world to having the best quality of life and being the most accepting country for newcomers , Canada lands on a lot of lists.

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If there's a contest for being the most welcoming, you know Canadians are at the top! Canada ranked fourth place in the world for being the most immigrant-friendly country in terms of its policies.

The Migration Integration Policy Index revealed that the True North was among the top five countries based on its impressive immigration policies that push for equal rights and opportunities for foreigners.

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Attention graduates! If you went to the University of Toronto , it may be easier for you to find a job.

According to The World University Rankings , the Toronto school was just named the best in Canada for producing the most employable graduates.

Not only did the University of Toronto rank first in all of Canada, but they also ranked eighth worldwide.

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