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If you're a young Canadian entrepreneur, chances are you're probably hanging out in Ottawa.

According to a new study by Dojo, the capital of Canada is now the 7th most ambitious city in the world, marking itself as an innovative and rapidly expanding environment, which has become a hub for start-ups.

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Good news for post-pandemic Toronto — the city is poised to be a world-leading metropolis in years to come according to a report from Kearney, a global management consulting firm.

In their Global Cities Outlook (GCO) rankings — which determine "cities on the rise" — Toronto ranks second in the world, behind only London, U.K.

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In a totally non-scientific ranking, Manitoba topped the list of provinces with the worst winters in Canada. X92.9, a radio station in Calgary, was inspired to create the ranking from a Thrillist article that did the same for all 50 U.S. states.

Their ranking of Canada's provinces from best to worst winters were as follows: 8) British Columbia, 7) Ontario, 6) Quebec, 5) Atlantic Provinces 4) Alberta, 3) The Territories, 2) Saskatchewan, and 1) Manitoba.

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Don't believe the skeptics - climate change is a real and serious issue. A slew of extreme weather conditions experienced this year were a direct result of the rapidly changing global climate, from the intensifying El Niño and La Niña patterns to the recent formation of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Jose in the Atlantic.

But if even that isn't proof enough, maybe this map will be more convincing:

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For most students, choosing a university is not a decision based on a single factor. A university's academic reputation or campus culture alone is usually not enough of a convincing sell - more factors need to be considered to determine whether or not a university is the right fit.

Depending on one's priorities, one factor may have weightier influence in the decision than others. For example, those who desire a top education in a specific program they'd like to pursue would place greater importance on a university's reputation for that program.

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