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The Lunar New Year is nearing and one U.S. ambassador has gone outside of the box to celebrate it with the people of Vietnam.

U.S. ambassador to Vietnam, Dan Kritenbrink, wrote an original rap song talking about his move to Hanoi and his appreciation for the country, complete with a music video. 

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As far as musical artists go, Lizzo is killin' it right now. Her hit "Truth Hurts" made #1 on the billboard top 100, and for good reason. The tune promoting self-love and never settling for less than you deserve is an anthem to all 100% that bitch babes around the world. If you missed out on the Lizzo concert in Tampa back in September, you'll be feelin' good as hell knowing she's making a return this December — and tickets are actually super affordable.

Back in September Lizzo's show was to be hosted at the modest-sized venue, Janus Live, later moving to the larger Yeungling Center due to demand. Little did we know that this would be a sold-out show, and fans who missed out were definitely disappointed.

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We desperately hoped that one day, two of rap's superstars would put their differences aside and come together, for an insane track. Kendrick and Drake have been cold-war feuding for years now, with the two always taking opportunities to subtly snap back at each other - whether it be through lyrics, interviews or public appearances. 

The beef originally started in 2013, with Kendrick's Control where the rapper shouted out all of his competition, including A$AP Rocky, Big Sean and J Cole, saying that he was trying to "murder" the artists. Drake was included in the list and notably took the most offence. Drake rapped about Kendrick not being as 'inspiring' as other rappers claim him to be, truly igniting the feud between them. 

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We all love a good food Instagram account. The only thing we love more than eating the food, is taking pictures of it. We're all guilty let's be honest. 

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Oh Blue Ivy Carter. It was only a matter of time before you shook the internet beyond repairWith your genetic combination of star power and raw talent, we knew this day would come. You gave us a sneak peak of your dance moves as your ma performed Flawless. 

And later, stole the show at your very own dance recital. 

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