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Si tu l'ignorais encore, tu seras aux anges d'apprendre les rumeurs concernant un «spin-off» de l'émission qui a marqué notre enfance, Phénomène Raven. La production de cette nouvelle série serait prévue pour 2017!

En onde sur Vrak.TV, l'émission qui suivait la vie d'une adolescente possédant un don de visions dans l'avenir, Raven Baxter, ainsi que de sa famille et ses amis. Tu te souviens clairement de la chanson du générique « That's so Raven » (Voilà, t'es pogné pour l'avoir dans la tête toute la journée).

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Just in case ya nasties haven't heard, Raven is leaving The View and is making a That's So Raven spinoff. No vision could have predicted how hyped we are.

Not much is known about the spinoff, but we're just hoping the whole gang comes back. Imagine seeing Eddie, Chels, Cory (unless he's still at the White House) and his pet mouse Lionel all back at the Chill Grill. I can't even fathom. That's So Raven was a Family Channel essential and we gave that show more devotion than the Boyz N Motion.

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There comes a time when adulting becomes a thing. It's actually sorta spooky. We've spent our entire lives in school going through the same old daily routine and now we have to become grownups. We got to apply for big kid jobs, save money for retirement and take daily commutes on the OC Transpo. Awful.

This is what uni led us to. Mistakes were made on the way. One or two, but that's life. It's not worth going through life with regret, but there's definitely a few things I wish my freshman self knew. K, maybe a lot of things.

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