It looks like Mississauga is willing to ditch the rest of the Peel Region to move into the red zone.

Bonnie Crombie, mayor of Mississauga, told the Khaled Iwamura podcast on Tuesday that she is now petitioning to move the city out of the grey zone independently. 

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In a world where most things are instant (and Instagrammable), there's a certain nostalgia in exploring timeless hobbies that make us slow down and enjoy the process (pun intended).

Film effects are a desired aesthetic on social media these days, so why not get the look organically through your actual camera? With more time to explore hobbies and get back to the simple things, it's no surprise that many are turning to analog photography as an exciting adventure and escape from today's busy world.

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All of the country's provinces and territories are working hand-in-hand with Ottawa today on a Canada COVID-19 vaccine trial run.

The newly named vice president of logistics and operations at the Public Health Agency of Canada, Major General Dany Fortin, announced the trial run during a media briefing on Friday afternoon.

"We [will be] hard at it in the next couple of weeks to ensure that we are ready,” Fortin says.

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Brace yourself, an Alert Ready Canada test is happening soon across the country and it will cause your phone to blare.

If you're someone who gets scared when an unexpected alert comes through your phone, you should be aware that the Alert Ready system is going to be tested in all provinces and two territories.

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Oh, Canada! The Toronto Maple Leaf’s 2021 roster is jam-packed with Ontario boys and they’re feeling ready for a win.

With the recent signing of Wayne Simmonds, TJ Brodie, and Joe Thornton, there are now 14 Canadians on the team.

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