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It’s a common misconception that Regina bouncers are only gatekeepers of the club because they’re big macho men who want to prove that they can outfight anyone. Sometimes you’ll get the odd bouncer who is a total meathead but for the most part, they are good guys who just want to make sure your night at the club is a fun one.

However, you probably don’t want to get on their bad side. If there’s anyone that knows all your dirty secrets, it’s the bouncers at the club. If you’re a drunken idiot that likes to start fights, they’ll remember you. If you like to sneak around on your current boyfriend/girlfriend, they’ll know about it. If you try to do routine drug deals at the bar, they’ll keep tabs on you.

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Well boys, now that the truth is out about Regina's single men, it's time to give you a heads up on what you're in for when it comes to Regina's single women. There's a good chance that you've swiped right on all of us...multiple times. If your Tinder game seems to be losing its charm, it might be time to start meeting girls IRL instead.

Although proceed with caution, our drunk selves aren't always our best selves. We apologize in advance if we spill a drink on your white shirt, give you the cold shoulder when you're just trying to be a nice guy or give you the number for 241 Pizza instead of our own (blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol).

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The dating scene in Regina is like a house-sized fish tank. There aren’t a lot of fish to choose from and the ones that are swimming about have probably dated at least one of your friends. If you’re single, there’s a good chance you’ve done the whole bar scene multiple times and you’re starting to lose hope.

I’m sorry in advance if reading this makes you feel even worse, but just keep swimming ladies. Your future ex-boyfriend could be lurking around the next bar waiting to sweep you off your feet. And maybe that Saskatchewan frat boy won't be like John Tucker at all. My dating advice to everyone would be to bait a new fish and see what happens but watch out for those dance floor stalkers waiting to pounce.

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