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Every city has their own slang that often times only the locals can understand. Sometimes the terms seem so obscure that it’s as if we're speaking in code. When it comes to living in Regina, we have a thing for nicknaming the places and locations we frequent in our day-to-day.

There’s a good chance that if you've ever lived in Regina, you’ve heard someone say: “it took me forever to meet up with my friends at the Ledge because I live NOD and hit the train on Ring Road on my way there”.

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After skimming through the depths of Instagram, I realized that Regina has a drool-worthy local food scene. Not that I haven't got my hands on the majority of it already, but holy cheeses have you seen the sandwiches at Victoria's Tavern? Or the "you'll have to unbutton your pants after this" poutine at Coney Island? Don't even get me started about the Duck Risotto at Flip Eatery...

If you're like me and have the tendency to think about the food you want to eat on the weekend when it's only Monday, here's a lengthy list of things to consider for that no shame Saturday kinda meal.

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